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Quick attach attachments have been a favorite for several years, but what about all of the tractors and skid steers made before then? Some companies manufacture adapter plates designed to fit on the awkward pin on mount system of old tractors and skid steers, allowing them to upgrade their machine to the quicker and easier standards of today's heavy equipment. The adapter installation process is the same as installing a new bucket or other attachment with the key difference being this is the last time you will have to do it. After installation of the adapter plate, all quick-attach attachments mount right on without having to do more than drive up to it, position the attachment, and snap it on, it's that simple.

With the money saved by switching to quick-attach, there is no doubt as to who should or should not upgrade their equipment with one simple question "Do I ever need to change attachments?" If you plan on keeping the same attachment on your machine most of the time, rarely changing for another, then this upgrade might not be right for you, but if you change your attachment for many different jobs, then you should also ask yourself "Why don't I already have this?".

The pricing on adapter plates varies depending on the model of your tractor, the availability of the drawings (diagram of the pin on mount) for your tractor, and of course where you purchase your adapter. The two main companies that offer these adapters are W.R. Long, and ATI, and you must purchase a weld on plate for your existing attachments in order to upgrade them as well, and this is a task that most experienced welders can handle without any issues

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